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Luke’s Lobster (FiDi)

HAPPY BELATED NATIONAL LOBSTER DAY! In honor of the crustacean’s day, yesterday Badda Boom and I decided on hitting up Luke’s Lobster truck’s newly minted mortar location in FiDi. I have been meaning to try Luke’s since the first time I met the lobster roll at the Hester Street Fair last summer. Unfortunately I didn’t try it then because I opted for the delish Swedish meatballs! Anyhoo, today was my lucky day but I knew I was going to have to dig deep for this pricey lunch. At $17 for a lobster roll, it’s definitely one of the more pricier lunches you will have.

The background story goes like this. Kid grows up lobstering in Maine, comes to NY to work in finance and through his dismay at the mayo-drenched lobster rolls here, he has an ah-ha moment to start selling his own rolls. He taps his dad who owns a seafood processing operation in Maine to be the supplier. Growing up, he and his dad had developed a great relationship with some of the best lobstermen in Maine so they get the good stuff. The lobster is caught, steamed and airsealed into individual quarter-pound packages within hours and is shipped to Luke’s Lobster. And people, you can definitely tell the freshness in this roll.


The store has two lines. The window up front solely sells lobster rolls while the line inside dishes out some of the other items on their menu, like their shrimp and crab rolls. As we rolled up to the shop, I was relieved to see that there was no line. Perhaps because I wanted to eat at an insanely early 11:30…yes, about the time that some of you are brewing your first cup of joe. BB ended up going to the line inside because this time he wanted to try the crab roll.

Let me just stop here and comment on the kid working the window yesterday. He was SUPER friendly and I am going to go out on a limb here and say he ain’t from these neck of the woods. He was all smiles, commented on what a beautiful day it was and asked me how my day was going. Really? Cut the chi-chat kid. My cranky, stressed-out NY ass wants my lobster roll pronto so I can go back to my 247 email-deep inbox. *pause* *sigh* But instead20110615-042521.jpg, I smiled back and engaged. Sometimes we all need to just take the foot off the gas and enjoy the people around us. Congrats kid, you melted my cranky shell yesterday and got me to smile.

Onto the food. I ended up going with the lobster roll combo which comes with a bag of Miss Vickie’s Chips (not very Maine-ish I gotta say) and a bottle of Maine Root soda pop (my choices were Rootbeer or Blueberry) for the low low price of $17. Without Tax. For that price point, you expect a big sandwich, right? Nope. When you take a look at it, even you men will be saying size matters. What I got was a toasted lobster roll bun (which is essentially a hot dog bun) with lobster in it. But here’s the catch that will make you definitely come back for seconds. The whole thing is stuffed with large CHUNKS of lobster. A quart-pound of fresh, juicy sweet claw meat. They say that there are about 5 to 6 lobster claws in each roll. I believe it. The roll was absolutely delicious. What makes it such a win? There’s barely anything other than super-fresh lobsters in this roll. They line the bottom crease of the roll with a line of mayo and shove a heaping packet of lobster claws into with with a dash of oregano powder on top…that’s it. I’ve been to Maine and I’ve had my fill of lobster rolls here and up there, but this was like nothing I’ve had. It was an ode to the lobster. Luke, my friend, you are on to something delicious here.


This is definitely not an everyday lunch option, but it is definitely something to throw into your lunch rotation to have once every so often to treat yourself with. Will I be back? Well, does a bear shit in the woods?! Yes, I will be back and this time I’m going to have to try that crab roll since Badda Boom inhaled his before I even had a chance to get off the phone. At least I got a picture for you guys ūüôā



Dine Around Downtown


Attention all downtown lunchers!¬† Ever wish there was a place you can go and sample everything that FiDi and TriBeCa has to offer foodwise?¬† You’re in luck!¬† Today, from 11am to 3pm you can sample treats from all area restaurants who will be showcasing their best stuff at Chase Plaza.¬† The food will range from $3-$7 and of course there will be live entertainment.¬† For a list of all of the participants click here.¬† I’m on my way right now and may have to report back ūüôā


LUNCHTIME: Rickshaw Dumplings Revisited

So after such a thrilling second date with the dumpling truck, I had to go back last Thursday and finally try the vegetarian edammame dumplings served with sansho lemon dipping sauce.¬† So here I am back again, reporting on the last dumpling left¬†on the truck’s very limited menu.¬† This dumpling was probably my second favorite out of all of the ones I have tried so far—second to the peking duck dumplings I had at the food truck festival.¬† I really enjoyed the whole-wheat wrapped dumpling.¬† The filling is edammame blended with lemon zest.¬† YUM is right.¬† It was very light, healthy and most importantly uber-flavorful.¬† The onlydrawback was the dipping sauce.¬† The lemon sansho dipping sauce was salty—VERY salty.¬†¬†I felt my ankles swelling just a little more with each bite.¬† I don’t know if it was just an off-day or if that dipping sauce is really supposed to be that sodium-happy.¬†

Just to give those that are not in the know a little background on Rickshaw Dumplings, one of the co-founders is Anita Lo—from Top Chef fame.¬† She along with Kenny Lao opened up the Rickshaw Dumpling Bar in Flatiron.¬† If you want a decent variety of dumplings, that is the place to go.¬† If you just want a quick fix or a better lunch option, then for the truck when it’s in your ‘hood because as I mentioned the menu is very limited.


Cr√™pes du Nord (Financial District)

So last week Fit4Fashion and I met up for drinks afterwork.¬† We hadn’t seen each other since our law school days so it was on!¬† She wanted to come down to the Financial District to throw back a few with me, so where do you take someone to introduce them to the Wall Street afterwork scene?¬† Ulysses of course!¬† After a few vodka-tonics we were hungry and I remembered this new cr√™pe place that I was recently introduced to.¬† So off we went.¬† As you walk up to Cr√™pes du Nord you can see them making the cr√™pes in the window…so very bistro!¬† The ambience is mellow and chill with low-lighting.¬† If you’ve had a few too many, beware because it will put you to sleep!

We started with a bottle of the Tangley Oaks California Chardonnay.¬† It was a very good choice with it’s crisp acidity and fruity notes of¬†pear, apple¬†and a bit of tropical fruit.¬† Yum.¬† So once we got that started we were able to focus on the food!

She got the Country Herb Chicken cr√™pe and I got the Coldwater Shrimp cr√™pe.¬† F4F’s¬†dish was served in a buckwheat cr√™pe and was stuffed with ricotta and ratouille.¬† The chicken was very well seasoned and more importantly, it was tender.¬† Definitely a good cr√™pe but I would have liked to see more veggies incorporated into the dish.¬† My¬†dish is served also in a buckwheat cr√™pe with a sliver of avocado and dill creme sauce.¬† This was a very Scandanavian dish with the seafood and dill creme sauce….and it was deelish.¬† There was a perfect balance of the shrimp to veggies and the sauce was not overpowered by the dill.¬† Well done sauce.

Next time you’re in the Financial District and don’t want a steakhouse ambiance, check out this cute little cr√™perie right off of Happy Hour row, Stone Street.¬† It’s definitely worth the trek¬†and it even comes with a cute little bathroom sign to boot.


LUNCHTIME: Rickshaw Dumpling Truck

Lunctime downtown Manhattan is boring.¬† A real snoozefest.¬† There’s not much exciting going on.¬† There’s good options, but nothing special.¬† Nothing to bring a twinkle to your eye at 11:30am in anticipation of d√©jeuner!¬† Well, until now.¬† Last Thursday I was walking from Zigolini’s with my fabulous salad¬†(well, as fabulous as a salad can possibly be) and I see this human snake curling around Pearl St in Hanover Sq.¬† Que eso?!¬† So then I realize they are all waiting for food from the red and white¬†dumpling truck.¬†¬†Brilliant I tell you.¬† A¬†truck selling¬†3 different varieties of those warm pieces of heavenly clouds.¬†

So, I had my first rendez-vous with this truck at the Food Truck Festival this past weekend.¬† That day they had two specials–Peking Duck Dumplings w/ Hoisin dipping sauce and Chicken Saag (yes Indian!!) Dumplings w/ Yogurt dipping sauce.¬† I opted for the duck ones and they were eye-rolling-to-the-back-of-your-head good.¬† Great first date, dumpling truck!¬†


So today I decided was going to be a good date two…it’s sunny, breezy, no humidity and the dumpling truck was out with a very short line.¬† Yeay!¬† So which one?¬† There’s Pork and Chive Dumplings w/ Sesame Soy dipping sauce, Chicken and Thai¬†Basil w/ peanut dipping sauce and the token vegetarian option,¬†the Edamamme dumplings.¬† Pork and Chive please!¬† They have their lunch special which includes a side for $9.¬† I get the chilled edamamme coated in salt and sansho pepper but they also have¬†sesame noodle salad, asian salad w/ miso ginger dressing and miso soup.¬† YUM. ¬†Today’s dumplings were delicious also.¬† My pork and chive dumplings were a great combination of perfectly seasoned, tender pork complimented juuuust¬†right with the¬†extra kick of chives.¬† Double-yum!¬†¬† They really taste¬†freshly made and the dipping sauces are pefectly paired with each of the three varieties.¬† My colleague¬†had the Chicken and Thai Basil dumplings and she¬†‚ô•’s hers too.¬†

Great second date!¬† Thank you Rickshaw Dumpling Truck for bringing a twinkle back to my eye every Thursday ūüôā

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