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NYC Cocktail Week 2011

Attention lushes near and far (yes Staten Island, I’m talkin to you! ;)). is kicking off it’s inaugural NYC Cocktail Week and I, for one, am ready to celebrate!  Celebrate what?  Well, today I’m celebrating my finger-in-a-socket hairdo, tomorrow maybe getting my laundry done, Sunday skyping with my dad for Father’s Day….ohhhh, do we really need a reason?! 

Here is all you need to know.  From now until June 29, all participating restaurant/bars will be offering a special menu similar to Restaurant Week.  For $20.11 you will get two well crafted coctails with an app.  Just ask for the Cocktail Week menu at the bar and you’re ready to go.  The upside of this lushfest is that the event also helps support one of my favorite charities, City Harvest and also proceeds go to the Museum of the American Cocktail (people, there’s a museum for EVERYTHING in this city).  This a great way to swing in and meet up with your boyfriend, girlfriend, blind date, or person who you wish wasn’t your date and try some of the tasty artisinal libations this city has to offer.  I’ll report back on this next week.


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