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Luke’s Lobster (FiDi)

HAPPY BELATED NATIONAL LOBSTER DAY! In honor of the crustacean’s day, yesterday Badda Boom and I decided on hitting up Luke’s Lobster truck’s newly minted mortar location in FiDi. I have been meaning to try Luke’s since the first time I met the lobster roll at the Hester Street Fair last summer. Unfortunately I didn’t try it then because I opted for the delish Swedish meatballs! Anyhoo, today was my lucky day but I knew I was going to have to dig deep for this pricey lunch. At $17 for a lobster roll, it’s definitely one of the more pricier lunches you will have.

The background story goes like this. Kid grows up lobstering in Maine, comes to NY to work in finance and through his dismay at the mayo-drenched lobster rolls here, he has an ah-ha moment to start selling his own rolls. He taps his dad who owns a seafood processing operation in Maine to be the supplier. Growing up, he and his dad had developed a great relationship with some of the best lobstermen in Maine so they get the good stuff. The lobster is caught, steamed and airsealed into individual quarter-pound packages within hours and is shipped to Luke’s Lobster. And people, you can definitely tell the freshness in this roll.


The store has two lines. The window up front solely sells lobster rolls while the line inside dishes out some of the other items on their menu, like their shrimp and crab rolls. As we rolled up to the shop, I was relieved to see that there was no line. Perhaps because I wanted to eat at an insanely early 11:30…yes, about the time that some of you are brewing your first cup of joe. BB ended up going to the line inside because this time he wanted to try the crab roll.

Let me just stop here and comment on the kid working the window yesterday. He was SUPER friendly and I am going to go out on a limb here and say he ain’t from these neck of the woods. He was all smiles, commented on what a beautiful day it was and asked me how my day was going. Really? Cut the chi-chat kid. My cranky, stressed-out NY ass wants my lobster roll pronto so I can go back to my 247 email-deep inbox. *pause* *sigh* But instead20110615-042521.jpg, I smiled back and engaged. Sometimes we all need to just take the foot off the gas and enjoy the people around us. Congrats kid, you melted my cranky shell yesterday and got me to smile.

Onto the food. I ended up going with the lobster roll combo which comes with a bag of Miss Vickie’s Chips (not very Maine-ish I gotta say) and a bottle of Maine Root soda pop (my choices were Rootbeer or Blueberry) for the low low price of $17. Without Tax. For that price point, you expect a big sandwich, right? Nope. When you take a look at it, even you men will be saying size matters. What I got was a toasted lobster roll bun (which is essentially a hot dog bun) with lobster in it. But here’s the catch that will make you definitely come back for seconds. The whole thing is stuffed with large CHUNKS of lobster. A quart-pound of fresh, juicy sweet claw meat. They say that there are about 5 to 6 lobster claws in each roll. I believe it. The roll was absolutely delicious. What makes it such a win? There’s barely anything other than super-fresh lobsters in this roll. They line the bottom crease of the roll with a line of mayo and shove a heaping packet of lobster claws into with with a dash of oregano powder on top…that’s it. I’ve been to Maine and I’ve had my fill of lobster rolls here and up there, but this was like nothing I’ve had. It was an ode to the lobster. Luke, my friend, you are on to something delicious here.


This is definitely not an everyday lunch option, but it is definitely something to throw into your lunch rotation to have once every so often to treat yourself with. Will I be back? Well, does a bear shit in the woods?! Yes, I will be back and this time I’m going to have to try that crab roll since Badda Boom inhaled his before I even had a chance to get off the phone. At least I got a picture for you guys ūüôā



Making Mobile, Making Mortar (East Village/LES)

So if you recall from my summer¬†jaunts across the city last year, I came across two¬†scrumptuous¬†ice cream vendors: Melt Bakery at the Hester Street Fair and the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck in Union Square.¬† Within the past week, there’s been some buzz about both that I thought you guys would find useful.¬†

Bowery Boogie is reporting that Melt Bakery is now going to set-up shop at 132 Orchard Street.¬† Does that mean they will no longer be a staple at the Hester Street Fair?¬† Hope not!¬† Hester Street and I have a date coming up in a few weeks and I definitely want to check out Melt’s pretty awesome ice cream sandwiches with their creative¬†flavor combinations.¬†¬† Lily Koi, Ike, Cocoa Daddy and the Jackson are on the top of my to-try list.¬†¬†I’ll have to report back on this…

As for the Big Gay Ice Cream guys, they are making news of their own.¬† Gothamist is reporting that they will be setting up shop in the East¬†Village¬†on 7th Street somewhere between First and A.¬† Unfortunately we don’t have a timeframe other than “this summer” to go off of, so I guess we will have to keep checking their website with pictures that will make you want to¬†spontaneously lick your screen.¬† I’m not saying I do that, but I’m just saying you maaaay want to do that.¬† Just maybe.


The Greek Squad (LES/Mobile)

So just as my stomach was getting ready to remind me it’s lunchtime,¬†Bada Boom¬†peeks over and asks me if I’ve been to the souvlaki truck. ¬†Negative.¬† Vamos!¬† Or as the Greeks would say…¬Ķa¬Ķő¨ saŌā!¬† Ok, I entirely made that up.

So the backstory to this excursion is that one of the three owners, Kostas, is apparently good friends with one of our salesguys, hence, making this truck the hottest thing on the trading floor these past two weeks.¬† The other two owners you ask?¬† They are a married couple who met last April Fools’ Day and got married sixteen days later.¬† No, seriously.¬† How’s that you cynical New Yorkers?? ¬†To read about all of them and their LES outpost click here.

So as we head to Old Slip, I see the Mexicue truck right on the corner.¬† Ok, mental post-it note in place for next week! ¬†Parked a few cars behind it was the blue and white truck with a huge, unorganized mass of people standing on the sidewalk in front of it.¬† After status-checking the crowd, we determined where to get on line.¬† After about a 15 min wait on line we finally got to the front where the Fiddler on the Roof greeted us.¬† Well, not really, but the kid clearly stole his hat.¬† He took our order and wrote down “Felson” as our name.¬† Not really, but¬†Bada Boom¬†didn’t have the heart to correct him with the line expanding behind us and Kostas swarming in the crowd next to us.¬† After we ordered we walked to the back of the crowd and sat on the steps of the building.¬† NOTE: we learned that you are not allowed to “sit” on the steps, but rather you are morrrre than welcome to stand, smoke, spit and anything else your heart desires on the steps…just no glut contact please.¬† Okeedokee.¬† After about a 10 min wait for Fiddler to shout, or more like mumble, the name “Felson”, we were up.¬† Total turnaround time from getting on line to getting our food, about 30 mins.

Now for the food.¬† The truck offers three meal options: souvlaki stix, pita souvlaki and the bikteki sandwich (Greek burger).¬† The first two come in chicken or pork options and the burger is beef.¬† We decided on getting a chicken and pork pita souvlaki each and sharing the Greek fries. ¬†The chicken and pork souvlakis are pretty small so if you have a decent appetite, you’ll want to get two…or three.¬† Both souvlakis were served with lettuce, tomato and a rich yogurt tzatziki sauce on a really fresh pita.¬† The overall¬†pita¬†dish was¬†pretty good in the sense that the meat was tender and moist with very good flavor.¬† However, I have to ask…how the hell is there no lamb on this Greek menu?!¬† If you were going to have only two meat options for your skewers and souvlakis I think it would have been a wise decision to go with two meats that were not so similar…like Chicken and Lamb or Pork and Lamb orrrr how about Chicken, Pork AND Lamb? Just a thought Kostas, just a thought.


So we decided on sharing the Greek fries which was smart because they are a regular order of fries covered in feta and oregano.¬† As if the soggy fries weren’t already bad enough for you, the feta just put it over the edge.¬† My tip is to definitely get them, but take some of the cheese off because if health concerns aren’t a factor for you, the over-saltiness of the cheese will be.¬† You’ll thank me.¬† To be fair, I have to add that the fries probably¬†got soggy because of the walk back to the office and the steam in the bag¬†most likely¬†compromised the original quality of the fries.

The food was good but I don’t know if I could do this meal multiple times a week.¬† Between the thick, rich tzatziki sauce and the quarter-pound of feta on the fries, this meal may be too heavy to throw in my regular rotation of lunching options.¬† I’m going to have to go back in 2 weeks with another co-worker who’s dying to try this, so maybe I’ll go with the straight protein option¬†in the souvlaki stix and tell them to hold the pita.¬† At least I have two weeks to make the oh so hard decision between chicken or pork!


Korilla BBQ

For a few weeks I have been waiting to try me some yummy Korean BBQ tacos, but the¬†Korilla BBQ truck believes in this silly concept called “dining democratically.”¬† Silly because those kids uptown¬†at Columbia¬†U. sit in their dorms and hit the polls…hard.¬† Bah-frickin-humbug.¬† Since I work¬†in FiDi,¬†I guess it’s good for my waistline that we hit the jackpot only every few weeks, but it’s not good for my cravings!¬† Well, a few weeks ago we got lucky…but not so lucky.¬† As only¬†fate¬†would have it, the truck came to FiDi on the one day that the winds were blowing the patina of Lady Liberty herself…and they parked their wheels one block away from the waterfront.¬† Ugh, eff it.¬† I’m gonna battle the 60 mph winds and get me some Bulgogi.

As I get blown up to the truck,¬†I notice¬†it’s ginormous.¬† Without a doubt it’s one of the largest trucks hittin the NYC pavement right now.¬† Even with the bad weather, there was a line but the guys are fast, friendly and efficient so it moved pretty fast.¬† The taco to get is the Bulgogi (Korean beef) taco, but they also offer pork, chicken and tofu along with six different types of kimchi.¬† I got mine with¬†regular and cucumber kimchi with the K’illa 5-chili hot sauce¬†and the Korean hot sauce, but¬†told them to hold¬†cheese (Korean BBQ and kimchi with cheese?!¬† Think not.).¬†¬†By the¬†time I¬†got back to my desk, the wind had¬†completely destroyed my umbrella, I had lost my hair tie and had a¬†soggy paper bag full of some yummy tacos.¬†¬†ÔĽŅ

The tacos were everything I had hyped them up to be in my mind.  When you dive into the tacos you can tell how well the meat is marinated when your mouth is overwhelmed by how perfectly sweet, spicy and succulent each bite is.  To make it even more awesome, the two types of kimchi I had balanced the taco out by providing great crunchy texture. 

With nothing on their menu over $8, I am such a fan of this one.¬† There are so many more options on their menu (which you can check out here) so stay tuned for more updates when the truck finally makes it downtown now that we have a shot in hell since winter break is right around the corner.¬† Hallelujah!!ÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅ

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