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Pomme Free-tes

I know how you people are like me and hold a particular four-letter “F” word near and dear to your heart.  That’s right…FREE.  Well my fellow frugal friends, follow the fries to a free deal this Friday (odd…I started typing that and couldn’t stop despite the cheese-factor).  Burger King is celebrating what it hopes to be a McFry killer…their new BK Fries.  This Friday, December 16 they will be giving away a free value size order of fries.  Head over there to test them out and hopefully it will taste better than their last failed attempt at launching cardboard-like new fries.  Just saying.


NYC Oyster Festivals


As it was so diligently pointed out to me by Captain Obvious, the name of this blog is the Urban Fork and not the Urban Cocktail Stirrer so I need to start posting more about grub and NO LESS about booze.  Ok, I get it.  Well as those who dine with me know, I have a weakness for oysters.  Put a dozen Kumamotos in front of me and watch me swoon.  With that said, I couldn’t happier to report that now summer’s winding down, NYC’s oyster festivals are gearing up!  Here’s the lineup of the events in and around the city.

  • Sept 17 – Come down to the old Seaport area and enjoy oysters and pints all day starting at noon.  The always-packed Ulysses is hosting their 8th Annual Oyster Festival which will be held outdoors.  I can’t think of anything better than autumn in NY with a pint in one hand, oysters in another while taking it all in on one of the oldest cobble-stone street in the city.
  • Sept 24 – Ever wanted to learn how to shuck an oyster?  Well you can learn at the Oyster Frenzy that will take place in Grand Central from noon to 6pm.  There will be live music, contests and just a whole lotta yummy oysters in the heart of Manhattan.  Swing by!
  • October 15-16 – For the serious oyster fanatic *ahem* who’s willing to travel *ahem*there’s the 28th Annual Oyster Festival in Oyster Bay, Long Island.  I mean, where else would the East Coast’s largest outdoor waterfront oyster festival be held? 🙂  There’s two days of events which are still to be announced, but stay tuned and keep checking their site.  Fall is when the vineyards out in Long Island have some of their crush events so those looking for a great day-trip out of the city, you can do both!

Stayed tuned for updates if I find more events!  Thanks Newyorkology!


Shaken…and maybe a little stirred

Yes Easternboarders, we just had an earthquake.  Looking for any reason to drink, especially a super cheap one, I’m passing on something that just landed in my inbox.  The BR Hospitality Restaurant Group is hosting a special starting at 5pm tonight, where speciality drinks at all of their restaurants will be priced at the seismic price point of $5.90.  There doesn’t seem to be an end time, so drink up NY, drink up.


Happy National Scotch Day!!

Being that I am Indian, I feel it is my social responsibility to post this for all my JWBL handle-toting peoples.  Happy National Scotch Day!  To celebrate, Primehouse New York and Altantic Grill Lincoln Center will be serving a variety of Scotch samples paired with bar bites….yes, all for FREE today from 5-7pm.

Primehouse (381 Park Ave. South at 27th St., New York, NY 10016 – 212.824.2600) will be serving samples of three  different types of Balvenie scotches, a 12-year, a 14-year and a 21-year malt.  Jared, “the Brand Ambassador” (sign me up for one of THOSE jobs please!) from the distillery will be there to answer questions and school you on your scotch.  Atlantic Grill (49 W. 64th St at Broadway, New York, NY, 10023 – 212.787.4663) will also be serving three types of Scotches: Auchstoshan Classic (a Lowland Single Malt Scotch), Oban 14-yr Old (a Highland Single Malt Scotch) and Lagavulin 16-yr Old (an Islay Single Malt Scotch).

Drink up my friends!


Drink Up, Cool Down

So if you want to drink outside and don’t want to be submitted to the rooftop bar price gouging, head over to the Rink Bar in Rock Center for this hell of a deal.


NYC Cocktail Week 2011

Attention lushes near and far (yes Staten Island, I’m talkin to you! ;)). is kicking off it’s inaugural NYC Cocktail Week and I, for one, am ready to celebrate!  Celebrate what?  Well, today I’m celebrating my finger-in-a-socket hairdo, tomorrow maybe getting my laundry done, Sunday skyping with my dad for Father’s Day….ohhhh, do we really need a reason?! 

Here is all you need to know.  From now until June 29, all participating restaurant/bars will be offering a special menu similar to Restaurant Week.  For $20.11 you will get two well crafted coctails with an app.  Just ask for the Cocktail Week menu at the bar and you’re ready to go.  The upside of this lushfest is that the event also helps support one of my favorite charities, City Harvest and also proceeds go to the Museum of the American Cocktail (people, there’s a museum for EVERYTHING in this city).  This a great way to swing in and meet up with your boyfriend, girlfriend, blind date, or person who you wish wasn’t your date and try some of the tasty artisinal libations this city has to offer.  I’ll report back on this next week.


Luke’s Lobster (FiDi)

HAPPY BELATED NATIONAL LOBSTER DAY! In honor of the crustacean’s day, yesterday Badda Boom and I decided on hitting up Luke’s Lobster truck’s newly minted mortar location in FiDi. I have been meaning to try Luke’s since the first time I met the lobster roll at the Hester Street Fair last summer. Unfortunately I didn’t try it then because I opted for the delish Swedish meatballs! Anyhoo, today was my lucky day but I knew I was going to have to dig deep for this pricey lunch. At $17 for a lobster roll, it’s definitely one of the more pricier lunches you will have.

The background story goes like this. Kid grows up lobstering in Maine, comes to NY to work in finance and through his dismay at the mayo-drenched lobster rolls here, he has an ah-ha moment to start selling his own rolls. He taps his dad who owns a seafood processing operation in Maine to be the supplier. Growing up, he and his dad had developed a great relationship with some of the best lobstermen in Maine so they get the good stuff. The lobster is caught, steamed and airsealed into individual quarter-pound packages within hours and is shipped to Luke’s Lobster. And people, you can definitely tell the freshness in this roll.


The store has two lines. The window up front solely sells lobster rolls while the line inside dishes out some of the other items on their menu, like their shrimp and crab rolls. As we rolled up to the shop, I was relieved to see that there was no line. Perhaps because I wanted to eat at an insanely early 11:30…yes, about the time that some of you are brewing your first cup of joe. BB ended up going to the line inside because this time he wanted to try the crab roll.

Let me just stop here and comment on the kid working the window yesterday. He was SUPER friendly and I am going to go out on a limb here and say he ain’t from these neck of the woods. He was all smiles, commented on what a beautiful day it was and asked me how my day was going. Really? Cut the chi-chat kid. My cranky, stressed-out NY ass wants my lobster roll pronto so I can go back to my 247 email-deep inbox. *pause* *sigh* But instead20110615-042521.jpg, I smiled back and engaged. Sometimes we all need to just take the foot off the gas and enjoy the people around us. Congrats kid, you melted my cranky shell yesterday and got me to smile.

Onto the food. I ended up going with the lobster roll combo which comes with a bag of Miss Vickie’s Chips (not very Maine-ish I gotta say) and a bottle of Maine Root soda pop (my choices were Rootbeer or Blueberry) for the low low price of $17. Without Tax. For that price point, you expect a big sandwich, right? Nope. When you take a look at it, even you men will be saying size matters. What I got was a toasted lobster roll bun (which is essentially a hot dog bun) with lobster in it. But here’s the catch that will make you definitely come back for seconds. The whole thing is stuffed with large CHUNKS of lobster. A quart-pound of fresh, juicy sweet claw meat. They say that there are about 5 to 6 lobster claws in each roll. I believe it. The roll was absolutely delicious. What makes it such a win? There’s barely anything other than super-fresh lobsters in this roll. They line the bottom crease of the roll with a line of mayo and shove a heaping packet of lobster claws into with with a dash of oregano powder on top…that’s it. I’ve been to Maine and I’ve had my fill of lobster rolls here and up there, but this was like nothing I’ve had. It was an ode to the lobster. Luke, my friend, you are on to something delicious here.


This is definitely not an everyday lunch option, but it is definitely something to throw into your lunch rotation to have once every so often to treat yourself with. Will I be back? Well, does a bear shit in the woods?! Yes, I will be back and this time I’m going to have to try that crab roll since Badda Boom inhaled his before I even had a chance to get off the phone. At least I got a picture for you guys 🙂


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