The Greek Squad (LES/Mobile)

So just as my stomach was getting ready to remind me it’s lunchtime, Bada Boom peeks over and asks me if I’ve been to the souvlaki truck.  Negative.  Vamos!  Or as the Greeks would say…µaµά saς!  Ok, I entirely made that up.

So the backstory to this excursion is that one of the three owners, Kostas, is apparently good friends with one of our salesguys, hence, making this truck the hottest thing on the trading floor these past two weeks.  The other two owners you ask?  They are a married couple who met last April Fools’ Day and got married sixteen days later.  No, seriously.  How’s that you cynical New Yorkers??  To read about all of them and their LES outpost click here.

So as we head to Old Slip, I see the Mexicue truck right on the corner.  Ok, mental post-it note in place for next week!  Parked a few cars behind it was the blue and white truck with a huge, unorganized mass of people standing on the sidewalk in front of it.  After status-checking the crowd, we determined where to get on line.  After about a 15 min wait on line we finally got to the front where the Fiddler on the Roof greeted us.  Well, not really, but the kid clearly stole his hat.  He took our order and wrote down “Felson” as our name.  Not really, but Bada Boom didn’t have the heart to correct him with the line expanding behind us and Kostas swarming in the crowd next to us.  After we ordered we walked to the back of the crowd and sat on the steps of the building.  NOTE: we learned that you are not allowed to “sit” on the steps, but rather you are morrrre than welcome to stand, smoke, spit and anything else your heart desires on the steps…just no glut contact please.  Okeedokee.  After about a 10 min wait for Fiddler to shout, or more like mumble, the name “Felson”, we were up.  Total turnaround time from getting on line to getting our food, about 30 mins.

Now for the food.  The truck offers three meal options: souvlaki stix, pita souvlaki and the bikteki sandwich (Greek burger).  The first two come in chicken or pork options and the burger is beef.  We decided on getting a chicken and pork pita souvlaki each and sharing the Greek fries.  The chicken and pork souvlakis are pretty small so if you have a decent appetite, you’ll want to get two…or three.  Both souvlakis were served with lettuce, tomato and a rich yogurt tzatziki sauce on a really fresh pita.  The overall pita dish was pretty good in the sense that the meat was tender and moist with very good flavor.  However, I have to ask…how the hell is there no lamb on this Greek menu?!  If you were going to have only two meat options for your skewers and souvlakis I think it would have been a wise decision to go with two meats that were not so similar…like Chicken and Lamb or Pork and Lamb orrrr how about Chicken, Pork AND Lamb? Just a thought Kostas, just a thought.


So we decided on sharing the Greek fries which was smart because they are a regular order of fries covered in feta and oregano.  As if the soggy fries weren’t already bad enough for you, the feta just put it over the edge.  My tip is to definitely get them, but take some of the cheese off because if health concerns aren’t a factor for you, the over-saltiness of the cheese will be.  You’ll thank me.  To be fair, I have to add that the fries probably got soggy because of the walk back to the office and the steam in the bag most likely compromised the original quality of the fries.

The food was good but I don’t know if I could do this meal multiple times a week.  Between the thick, rich tzatziki sauce and the quarter-pound of feta on the fries, this meal may be too heavy to throw in my regular rotation of lunching options.  I’m going to have to go back in 2 weeks with another co-worker who’s dying to try this, so maybe I’ll go with the straight protein option in the souvlaki stix and tell them to hold the pita.  At least I have two weeks to make the oh so hard decision between chicken or pork!


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