Korilla BBQ

For a few weeks I have been waiting to try me some yummy Korean BBQ tacos, but the Korilla BBQ truck believes in this silly concept called “dining democratically.”  Silly because those kids uptown at Columbia U. sit in their dorms and hit the polls…hard.  Bah-frickin-humbug.  Since I work in FiDi, I guess it’s good for my waistline that we hit the jackpot only every few weeks, but it’s not good for my cravings!  Well, a few weeks ago we got lucky…but not so lucky.  As only fate would have it, the truck came to FiDi on the one day that the winds were blowing the patina of Lady Liberty herself…and they parked their wheels one block away from the waterfront.  Ugh, eff it.  I’m gonna battle the 60 mph winds and get me some Bulgogi.

As I get blown up to the truck, I notice it’s ginormous.  Without a doubt it’s one of the largest trucks hittin the NYC pavement right now.  Even with the bad weather, there was a line but the guys are fast, friendly and efficient so it moved pretty fast.  The taco to get is the Bulgogi (Korean beef) taco, but they also offer pork, chicken and tofu along with six different types of kimchi.  I got mine with regular and cucumber kimchi with the K’illa 5-chili hot sauce and the Korean hot sauce, but told them to hold cheese (Korean BBQ and kimchi with cheese?!  Think not.).  By the time I got back to my desk, the wind had completely destroyed my umbrella, I had lost my hair tie and had a soggy paper bag full of some yummy tacos.  

The tacos were everything I had hyped them up to be in my mind.  When you dive into the tacos you can tell how well the meat is marinated when your mouth is overwhelmed by how perfectly sweet, spicy and succulent each bite is.  To make it even more awesome, the two types of kimchi I had balanced the taco out by providing great crunchy texture. 

With nothing on their menu over $8, I am such a fan of this one.  There are so many more options on their menu (which you can check out here) so stay tuned for more updates when the truck finally makes it downtown now that we have a shot in hell since winter break is right around the corner.  Hallelujah!!


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