Big Gay Farmers Market?? (Union Sq)

Last night Little Miss Chatterbox and I ended up going to see Eat Pray Love in Flatiron.  But we needed to kill some time so we figured we’d meet at the Union Square Farmers Market.  I’m there every Wednesday but I never really stop and reeeally look.  I do drive-by purchases.  I figured this was a good time to check out everything this gold mine in the middle of Manhattan had to offer.

The minute LMC kissed me hello, she said we needed to find Orange Mint.  Ok, I’m clearly about to get skooled on hybrid herbs…and let me tell you, I had NO idea.  There’s Pineapple Sage, Chocolate Mint and yes, Orange Mint.  When you rub the leaves between your fingers, you’ll smell the namesake flavor.  Pretty neat.  Stay tuned because we are planning on using that Orange Mint during one of our dinners somehow.  I’ll keep you guys posted 😉

While LMC was analyzing which herbs to get, I wandered.  The golden Shiro plums looked juicy and so sweet.  Then there was the usual farmer’s market fare:  corn. peaches, radishes, tomatoes, potatoes, sunflowers and everything else you can think of.

Ok, 40 mins until the movie and we were done with the market so we started walking up Broadway, but as we’re chatting and walking, eagle-eye me spots the Big Gay Ice Cream truck.  If you’re any kind of NY food truck fan, you KNOW about the Big Gay Ice Cream truck!  Problem is that it’s never around when I want to check it out…but there it was.  MUST. HAVE. NOW.  With an ice cream cone named the Salty Pimp and a vendor with kitten ears serving it, I knew this was my kind of food truck.  We saw a daily special sign offering tamarind-infused balsamic glaze.  Tart and sweet?  Have we not learned anything about me by now?  Vanilla cone with the glaze please!  As LMC and I were devouring the insanely creamy ice cream, she pointed out something so true…when we were kids, we probably wouldn’t have been into this oddity of flavors.  Who knows?  Perhaps.  All I knew is that it was working for me right now!  This was the perfect way to pre-game for Eat Pray Love 😉  Not sure when they are around, so check out the truck’s schedule on their site.  If you are an ice cream fan, (and if you’re not, then you must have a third eye and hail from the planet Melmac) this is a definite must make stop.  Enjoy!


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