Mad for Chicken (Midtown West)

The Bar

So a few Tuesdays ago I had reservations at Nobu for Restaurant Week, however, Little Miss Chatterbox had other plans for us…and since I love anything that will make my belly happy, I was game.  We decided to go see Inception (BRILLIANT) but we wanted to eat first.  LMC figured she’s skool me on Korean fried chicken—words I never thought I’d see together.  What the hell is that?  So as we were walking through Koreatown in the humid 98-degree heat, I was looking for a place that remotely looked like it would be serving fried chicken.  What the hell does a Korean fried chicken place really look like?  SMH.  Just keep following LMC and ignore the trail of sweat that is slowly trickling down the middle of your shoulder blades to your lower back.  This better be good…   So we end up in front of an indescript office building entrance.  LMC pauses, looks up and tells me this is it.  What?  What is it?  This is a commercial office space with an Asian doorman…not lookin like a restaurant to me.  No, this is really it.  OK…vamos.  As we walk in, I see a little Clip Art sign taped to the wall next to the entrance to the old stairwell pointing us in the right direction.  Oh believe me, I couldn’t make this up if I tried.  So we walk up to the second floor and see an indescript door telling us to open it.  Nice.  As we walked in, I completely got it.  It was a swanky loungy spot which was filling up with the after-work (primarily Asian) crowd.  This is going to be good.

Mad for Chicken was once known as BonChon, but now it’s renamed but with the same exact menu.  I let LMC do the ordering this time around and I was excited.  She started off with a lychee martini which was probably one of the best damn lychee martinis I think I’ve ever tried.  I literally felt like I was drinking lychee juice, but my cheeks were getting warm 😉  Delicious….and dangerous!  To start off we got the seafood scallion pancake which was super yummy, but a little greasy.  The pieces of of octopus and other fresh seafood gave the pancake a wonderful texture and the dipping sauce was a perfect compliment.  For our meal we got the 6 piece Mad for Drums entree with four sides:  pickled daikon, sweet corn, some mystery white grain side, and carrot/celery sticks with a blue cheese (??) dressing.  The dressing is a sad attempt at trying to give the diner something familar as far as wings go because there is no use for it.  These are not Buffalo wings; they are tender, moist chicken glazed with a thin candy-like shell of either a mild soy-giner sauce or a spicy sauce.  Delish!  To wash it all down, they offer this pretty cool looking beer tower that circulates and keeps the beer all while giving you a pretty little light show.  The whole meal cost us around $30. 

This is one of those hidden gems in Manhattan that you will come back to over and over.  It’s cheap, ridiculously good and very crowd friendly.  Not only was the food served relatively fast, but our waiter was super friendly.  LMC and I are planning on getting some of the boys together here for a happy hour within the next few weeks since we need another excuse to come back ASAP!!  Plus, what guy is going to turn down beer and wings? 😉


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