Adour (Midtown East)

Next up on my two-week Restaurant Week jaunt is Adour by Alain Ducasse located in the St Regis Hotel.  This is the first season he is participating, so I booked this reservation about a month ago when it first was announced.  Since Miss Bergdorff works a few blocks away (can you guess where?? lol) she met me for dinner.  I’m really not going to get into the fluff of the ambience or the service in this post—it’s been a Michelin-rated restaurant for the past two years so I don’t need to go into any of that because everything you can imagine being right, is right here. 

For the amuse bouche, the chef sent out a summer gazpacho with basil foam.  It was the perfect summer starter–fresh, light and chilled.  You felt like you were biting into a garden patch…sooo so good.

For our first course, Miss Bergdorff had the fluke ceviche which really focused on showcasing the fish.  It was not drenched in a sauce, but rather was served with avocado and dabs of smoked sweet pepper mousseline (a sauce whipped with egg whites).  This preparation works well because fluke is not a fishy fish, so there’s no need to masque the true flavor of the fish with anything too heavy.  I had the zucchini risotto topped with perfectly tender, crispy calamari.  It’s Alain Ducasse and it’s risotto.  Not much else to say.  The texture was perfect and the risotto was flavorful and buttery.

For our second course Miss Bergdorff opted for the Olive Oil Poached Chatham Bay Cod served with mussels and fennel.  The fennel gave the tender, firm fish a great crisy texture when you incorporated it into the bite.  The sauce was light and complimented the fish and the mussels well.  I went with the Prime Beef Tournedos with Glazed Short Rib combo served in a bordelaise sauce (red wine+marrow+shallots).  The tournedos was very good, however it was the tender, fatty short rib slices that made your mouth smile. 

On to the last course.  I am a caramel fiend, so I went with the Caramel Leaf–a layered bar with hazelnet/chocolate ganache and a phenomenal scoop of salty caramel ice cream.   Salty and sweet?  I was sold.  Miss Bergdorff went with the Dark Chocolate Sorbet with coffee granite.  One of the 5 guys taking care of that night told us that this was voted the best dessert in 2008…but Google couldn’t tell me anything more than that.  It was warm, and cool and rich.  If you weren’t a sucker for salted caramel, then this was the option for you 😉

Everything you would expect at Adour is present: elegance, knowledgeable waitstaff and perfectly executed dishes.  However, it’s not a place you would go with a group of friends to laugh and eat.  It’s located in the stuffy St Regis, so it’s more for the NYC ladies who lunch, the  corporate card set or if you want to pop the question.  With that said, I laugh and I joke…a lot but the waitstaff were wonderful, good-natured and actually partook in our jokes.  Well done guys 😉  Will be back?  Sure.  With my corporate AmEx 😉


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