Patsy’s Pizza (UWS)

Did you hear Al Pacino is performing in Merchant of Venice this summer for Shakespeare in the Park?  Yeah?  Well so did the rest of 8 million New Yorkers because by the time Little Miss Chatterbox and I showed up at Central Park at 6 am (?!) to wait in line, it was already about a quarter mile deep.  FML.  So after waiting in line for 8 hours, the last ticket was handed out to the party in front of us.  FML…some more.  Ugh.  So we had two choices, either we wait another 6.5 hours on the standby line for the POSSIBILITY of getting a ticket…or we go eat.  We were tired, hot and cranky so what do you think we opted for?  Yes, food.  So as we began trolling Columbus Ave for something to jump out at us, we saw the sign for Shake Shack in the distance.  OMG.  Perfect.  As we got closer saw the line curving around the corner.  Oh HELL no.  No more lines.  So we keep walking and LMC suggests Patsy’s Pizza.  At that point I would have eaten anything you put in front of me, so suggesting one of my favorites wasn’t even up for debate.  Patsy’s it is.

We get there and the wanna-be actress/model à la hostess asks us how many?  Umm…two.  Thanks.  She seats us at a two top squeezed in between two occupied tables.  Uhh…for a relatively empty place can you seat us overrrrr…there?  By any one of the seven empty window-seats?  Where Bruno-sitting-next-to-me’s hot garlic breath is not brushing my hair everytime he exhales?  She replied that she’s sorry and can only seat four people at a four-top….despite the place being far from “at capacity.”  So she finally seats us.  Next to a four-top window seat.  That has only two people seated at it.  Moron.

So we sit and ask our super sweet waitress for two glasses of Montepulciano…pronto please.  While enjoying the wine, we decided on getting the large pie with half red onions for me and half sausage for LMC.  The pizza came pretty quick and it was piping hot.  Pizza is a funny thing because people like it either very cheesy or saucy.  I’m a saucy kinda chick, so this pizza was right up my alley.  The crust was light and crispy, but it wasn’t too much crust for the size of the pizza.  The red onions were sweet and the sausage pieces were not dry.  The best part of the pizza is actually something that’s very important to me…the cheese.  Not the amount of the cheese, but the type of cheese.  Patsy’s does not use processed Polly-O -esque mozzarella cheese.  It’s the fresh, hand-drawn variety, and it’s delicious.  Don’t get me wrong, I will eat any kind of slice because afterall, it’s a sin to waste pizza but having fresh mozzarella really makes a world of difference.

In a nutshell, the combination of the sweet, tangy sauce with the fresh ingrediants being topped off by fresh basil leaves left me impressed and definitely yearning for another slice–or two.  But they could definitely stand to use a brighter bulb in their hostess box.


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