LUNCHTIME: Rickshaw Dumplings Revisited

So after such a thrilling second date with the dumpling truck, I had to go back last Thursday and finally try the vegetarian edammame dumplings served with sansho lemon dipping sauce.  So here I am back again, reporting on the last dumpling left on the truck’s very limited menu.  This dumpling was probably my second favorite out of all of the ones I have tried so far—second to the peking duck dumplings I had at the food truck festival.  I really enjoyed the whole-wheat wrapped dumpling.  The filling is edammame blended with lemon zest.  YUM is right.  It was very light, healthy and most importantly uber-flavorful.  The onlydrawback was the dipping sauce.  The lemon sansho dipping sauce was salty—VERY salty.  I felt my ankles swelling just a little more with each bite.  I don’t know if it was just an off-day or if that dipping sauce is really supposed to be that sodium-happy. 

Just to give those that are not in the know a little background on Rickshaw Dumplings, one of the co-founders is Anita Lo—from Top Chef fame.  She along with Kenny Lao opened up the Rickshaw Dumpling Bar in Flatiron.  If you want a decent variety of dumplings, that is the place to go.  If you just want a quick fix or a better lunch option, then for the truck when it’s in your ‘hood because as I mentioned the menu is very limited.


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