Red Hook Food Trucks (Red Hook)

So after all of these weeks of trying to get here, I got here!  Every Sunday the Red Hook Vendors line up along Red Hook Park (natch) to throngs of people in the know about great home-style South American/Mexican food on the cheap.  There were about 7 or 8 trucks a few weekends ago when we went.  First stop, the corn truck.  Strategy was to get the corn and agua de jamaica (hibiscus juice) while we wait on line for the main dish, PUPUSAS! 

The corn is grilled and you get a choice of the toppings.  There’s cheese, chili powder, and/or pepper.  All of the above please!  Obviously.  Since kids (and big kids too) can’t always handle the heat, they let you opt out of the pepper toppings.  So as I took my first bite, mmmm.  Very good.  As I took a few more bites, I realized the corn wasn’t cooked completely through.  Lucky for me, I have an iron stomach and it wasn’t going to get upset over some undercooked corn!  The agua de jamaica is a sweet, but not too sweet blend of hibiscus flowers, sugar, water and lime juice.  Yes, it was good…especially on a hot, humid day in a Brooklyn park.

By the time we were done with our corn we were almost at the front of the line–great timing.  So the truck offered a few different varieties of pupusas: Steak, pork, chicken and the token veggie option, cheese and jalapeño.  For those who are not familiar with this dish, it is a traditional El Salvadorian thick corn tortilla which is stuffed with meat and cheese–most traditionally pork.  Hence, at Fashionista’s suggestion, that is the one I went with.  Now I was excited.  I have this fascination with stuffed foods.  Can’t really explain it, but lucky for me my belly doesn’t ask a lot of questions. 

Each order comes with two pupusas and a cole slaw like side relish.  They are made to order, so they are very fresh and very hot when you first get them.  Since we had to walk and hunt for a picnic table, the pupusas cooled off enough.  So the first thing I noticed is that, since they are griddled, they were pretty oily.  I dabbed them down with napkins before I started noshing.  Once I cut through the crispy crust I was done.  They smelled so good and SO flavorful.  Since the pupusa stuffing is sealed off, there is very little room for the meat to dry up during cooking.  With each bite, you should eat a little of the cole slaw because the combination of the two flavors and textures in your mouth are definitely worth it.  With our meal wrapping up we knew we wanted some fruit, but not just any fruit.  We wanted the chili-limon fruit  😉  They offer papya, watermelon, mango and one other fruit that I can’t remember.  We both opted for the mangos and they were incredible.  The soft, sweet fruit works sooo well with the spicy ancho chili-lemon juice that’s poured over it. 

We started to wrap up because we felt a few large raindrops and neither one of us brought umbrellas and I was wearing a white shirt!  😮  It was definitely a great experience and all for a whopping $12 for the whole meal.  Now that Fashionista is in Barcelona, I don’t know if I am going to get back here this summer but I know I will definitely making the trek to Red Hook Park at least once a summer for the food trucks. 


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