Crêpes du Nord (Financial District)

So last week Fit4Fashion and I met up for drinks afterwork.  We hadn’t seen each other since our law school days so it was on!  She wanted to come down to the Financial District to throw back a few with me, so where do you take someone to introduce them to the Wall Street afterwork scene?  Ulysses of course!  After a few vodka-tonics we were hungry and I remembered this new crêpe place that I was recently introduced to.  So off we went.  As you walk up to Crêpes du Nord you can see them making the crêpes in the window…so very bistro!  The ambience is mellow and chill with low-lighting.  If you’ve had a few too many, beware because it will put you to sleep!

We started with a bottle of the Tangley Oaks California Chardonnay.  It was a very good choice with it’s crisp acidity and fruity notes of pear, apple and a bit of tropical fruit.  Yum.  So once we got that started we were able to focus on the food!

She got the Country Herb Chicken crêpe and I got the Coldwater Shrimp crêpe.  F4F’s dish was served in a buckwheat crêpe and was stuffed with ricotta and ratouille.  The chicken was very well seasoned and more importantly, it was tender.  Definitely a good crêpe but I would have liked to see more veggies incorporated into the dish.  My dish is served also in a buckwheat crêpe with a sliver of avocado and dill creme sauce.  This was a very Scandanavian dish with the seafood and dill creme sauce….and it was deelish.  There was a perfect balance of the shrimp to veggies and the sauce was not overpowered by the dill.  Well done sauce.

Next time you’re in the Financial District and don’t want a steakhouse ambiance, check out this cute little crêperie right off of Happy Hour row, Stone Street.  It’s definitely worth the trek and it even comes with a cute little bathroom sign to boot.


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