Boca Chica (East Village)

So Fashionista, Lil Miss Chatterbox and I had a fun night planned last weekend.  First we hit up SATC2 and then we had a very important Ink Is Dry party to attend later on that night (*wink, wink*), so we were trying to figure out where to line our stomachs before the big night.  Fashionista is always thinking!  Boca Chica is located in the very convenient East Village and right across the street from our venue for the night, so perfecto!  Onto the comida…

Let’s start with Lil Miss Chatterbox’s Skirt Steak with Chimichurri sauce.  Chimichurri is a sauce used to top grilled meats (primarily steak) made from parsley, garlic, oil (I use olive oil), vinegar (I unconventionally use balsamic but usually it’s made with red or white), and red pepper flakes.  She enjoyed it enough to give it a thumbs up.  

Fashionista had the Ropa Vieja.  Now this is a traditional Carribean dish originated on Canary Islands.  Since the dish mean “Old Clothes,” I was curious how the dish got its name so this is what I got for you.  Back to the dish.  Fashionista loved liked her dish.  She thought it was good, but she’s had better.  Fair enough.  She also commented on the fact that the traditional dish has the meat shredded a bit more than Boca Chica, which made their version a bit more chunkier.

I had the pionones.  First let me just say that I ❤ plantains.  Sweet or regular, I’m a fan.  Also, let me add that I LOVE, love, love ingredients that present a sweet-salty flavor combination.  There’s just something unexpected and wonderful when you’re eating something seasoned with salt and then, BOOM, there’s something sweet that sneaks in and compliments the morsel in your mouth perfectly.  So that brings me to the pionones.  That’s ground beef encircled by sweet plantains.  Were they best I’ve had?  Nope.  I’ve definitely had better, however, these pionones held their own.  The meat wasn’t too dry, but I think it was a slight bit too salty.  It worked out ok with the plantains and side of avocados LMC ordered.  Again, good, but not great. 

Boca Chica is definitely a fun place to have a reasonable meal in the East Village.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to plan something here, but I definitely wouldn’t resist if I had to come.  The food was good, the service was excellent and the location was primo.  I’ll be back, I’m sure….just not sure when.


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