LUNCHTIME: Rickshaw Dumpling Truck

Lunctime downtown Manhattan is boring.  A real snoozefest.  There’s not much exciting going on.  There’s good options, but nothing special.  Nothing to bring a twinkle to your eye at 11:30am in anticipation of déjeuner!  Well, until now.  Last Thursday I was walking from Zigolini’s with my fabulous salad (well, as fabulous as a salad can possibly be) and I see this human snake curling around Pearl St in Hanover Sq.  Que eso?!  So then I realize they are all waiting for food from the red and white dumpling truck.  Brilliant I tell you.  A truck selling 3 different varieties of those warm pieces of heavenly clouds. 

So, I had my first rendez-vous with this truck at the Food Truck Festival this past weekend.  That day they had two specials–Peking Duck Dumplings w/ Hoisin dipping sauce and Chicken Saag (yes Indian!!) Dumplings w/ Yogurt dipping sauce.  I opted for the duck ones and they were eye-rolling-to-the-back-of-your-head good.  Great first date, dumpling truck! 


So today I decided was going to be a good date two…it’s sunny, breezy, no humidity and the dumpling truck was out with a very short line.  Yeay!  So which one?  There’s Pork and Chive Dumplings w/ Sesame Soy dipping sauce, Chicken and Thai Basil w/ peanut dipping sauce and the token vegetarian option, the Edamamme dumplings.  Pork and Chive please!  They have their lunch special which includes a side for $9.  I get the chilled edamamme coated in salt and sansho pepper but they also have sesame noodle salad, asian salad w/ miso ginger dressing and miso soup.  YUM.  Today’s dumplings were delicious also.  My pork and chive dumplings were a great combination of perfectly seasoned, tender pork complimented juuuust right with the extra kick of chives.  Double-yum!   They really taste freshly made and the dipping sauces are pefectly paired with each of the three varieties.  My colleague had the Chicken and Thai Basil dumplings and she ♥’s hers too. 

Great second date!  Thank you Rickshaw Dumpling Truck for bringing a twinkle back to my eye every Thursday 🙂


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