No Reservations: Techniques

 So after giving it much thought as to what my first post should be on here, I thought I will start with a clip from one of my culinary heros…Bourdain….Bourdain showing us some important cooking techniques from his kitchen in Les Halles Midtown.  The fact that he’s a NYer makes it even more appropro that he is my first entry.  A man who tells me to “just leave the steak the f*@k alone,” is definitely going to get the first post.  OK Tony, I get it!!! …don’t overhandle the meat!  Last night’s episode was a departure from the normal formatting of No Reservations, but it was essential…techinical food techniques.

So basically from the episode I learned how to make the French classic–beef bourguignon–from an American, an American classic–the hamburger–from a Frenchman and french fries from a Mexican.  After I fully absorbed the irony of all of this, I the only thing I remembered was to tuck in my digits when chopping a friggin onion. Great.  Rewiiiiiiind.  So then it all comes back…Chef Conant made a kick ass red sauce by Chef Conant using oil infused with fresh, whole garlic cloves and basil with a bunch of red pepper flakes, learned how to cook and eat a Nova Scotia lobster and last but not least, roasting a whole chicken by my other culinary God…yes with a CAPITAL G…Thomas Keller.  *sigh*  Until I get to the French Laundry…or until I finally get my hands on a copy of “Ad hoc at Home”…these instructional snippets are going to have to suffice.  Enjoy the link above to montage of the last night’s highlights!



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